drugs for web 3 digitally manufactured by saru_labs

available via rarible & open sea 0.0055 eth


crypto drugs is an art collection which preserves & lists the known intoxicants into the web 3 space. some intoxicants have the foundation in culture & intoxication is one well known & documented human necessity. over the decades a lot of natural substances were discovered, synthetized & documented. additionally almost every year new ones are discovered. a well known marketing strategy of modern industry is that all the more dangerous a product gets, all the more beautiful & harmless the packaging will be. crypto drugs is making an approach to that phenomenom. this is the first & original crypto drugs series. synthesized by saru_labs, a project by saru-03.

series one comes with five different types of drugs

available for 0.0055 eth on rarible & open sea. follow me on twitter & instagram to keep updated.